Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) with support from the World Bank, implemented the Georgia National Innovation Ecosystem (GENIE) Project, which aimed to increase the innovative activities of entities and individuals and their participation in the digital economy of Georgia.

Georgian ICT labor market analysis conducted in 2017-2018 demonstrated that the ICT workforce was not sufficiently qualified to meet national and international market requirements and the GENIE project decided to implement a collaborative skills strategy to improve the digital skills of Georgian professionals in line with the economic and digital strategies of the country.

ICT training program in the scope of the GENIE project has started with pilot phase on November, 2020 aiming to train at least 500 IT specialists and was followed by larger scale phases aiming to train at least 2,500 IT specialists. Overall, the whole program aimed to train at least 3,000 participants by May of 2023.

To facilitate and deliver online training and international exams in ICT and Non-ICT domains for Georgian citizens, GITA, based on the international selection process, has invited the globally acknowledged IT Training Center – New Horizons, Space Cad, and Tbilisi Communication School. With the help of the Consultant's experienced team, students learned the necessary technical and professional skills to succeed in technology positions across industries, while also preparing for specific certifications.

ICT training program was completed on March 27, 2023. The project summary and results can be found in the document below.

Project Completion Results




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Who Is Involved in the Project?

New Horizons Bulgaria Logo

New Horizons Bulgaria has been a reputable IT and business training provider for Bulgarian and global training market for over 19 years, holding many prestigious industry awards. They are also part of global network of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers – the world's largest independent IT training company, with a history of over 39 years and more than 30 million students worldwide.

Responsibilities for the „ICT Trainings for Georgian citizens“ project:

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Space Cad has specialized in CAD/CAM/CAE and industrial solutions since 1996. Space Cad has trained over 250 companies, as well as over 1200 students and teachers from all technical universities in Bulgaria.

Responsibilities for the „ICT Trainings for Georgian citizens“ project:

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Tbilisi School of Communication is one of the leading educational institution in Georgia that offers professional training programs in technology, marketing, and design domains. Based on an anonymous survey, on average, the Alumni satisfaction rate (CSAT) is above the 95% and NPS is above the 80% in each program.

Responsibilities for the „ICT Trainings for Georgian citizens“ project: