How To Apply

The application process for a training has the following steps:

1. Read the agreement with the Georgian Government. You will need to sign it in Georgian language in case you are selected.

Download The Agreement

2. Send your application.

The application contains your CV (You can attach it as a file or fill-in the CV form in the website) and test.

The CV must contain the following:

3. Your CV will be reviewed by a Career Guidance Counselor (CGC) (+ team of HR recruiters).

The candidates who are determined as the most suitable for the training will be selected to progress to the next steps.

Download Selection Process

4. Your personal profile.

When you send your application, your personal profile will be created on the website and you will receive a confirmation email (the email is sent from with subject "Your application has been accepted successfully").

Once you have registered, you will be able to manage your own data and privacy preferences. You will be able to see real-time information about your application status regarding the courses you have selected.

Also, you will be able to anonymously compare your evaluations and place in the rank list for the specific course.

5. Procedure for processing students:

  1. Students apply for the desired training – from 11 November to 30 November 2020.
  2. A Career Guidance Counselor (CGC) (+ team of HR recruiters) reviews the submitted applications and creates a short list of the candidates and afterwards, the top candidates are contacted for questions/online meetings.
  3. The CGC prepares a list of suitable candidates to meet the required number of candidates, increased by 10%, which serves as a reserve to ensure that enough candidates will participate in the trainings in case of no-shows or emergencies.
  4. The Training provider sends the list of suitable candidates to GITA for approval and contract signing (by the respective student).
  5. GITA contacts the candidates, who then sign the respective contract with GITA.
  6. GITA provides the Training provider with a list of approved candidates, who have signed a contract.
  7. GITA and the Training provider review the list of candidates regarding each training and create a final list of approved candidates.
  8. GITA signs contracts with the final list of approved candidates. The Training provider changes the status of other candidates to OnHold and will place them in a waiting list in case additional students are needed.
  9. The Training provider enrolls the students from the final list into the training classes and sends welcome letters with detailed instructions.
  10. During the training delivery students have access to Career Advisory support via the dedicated Career Portal in Microsoft Teams.
  11. Certification vouchers: students will receive vouchers for international recognized certification exam at the end of attended training, after submitting final class evaluation.

After submitting their applications, students can register and use the BestInSkill platform to track their application status in a proficient and transparent way.