C++ Certified Associate Programmer

C++ Certified Associate Programmer

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Course Description
This course covers all the basics of programming in the C++ programming language and touches on the fundamental concepts and techniques used in object-oriented programming. The course starts with some universal basics, without relying on object concepts, and gradually extends to the advanced issues you'll encounter when using the objective approach.

The aim of the course is to familiarize the student with the universal concepts of computer programming, present the syntax, semantics, and basic data types of the C++ language, discuss the principles of the object-oriented model and its implementation in the C++ language, and demonstrate the means to resolve typical implementation problems with the help of standard C++ language libraries.

What will you learn?
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • become familiar with programming languages and methodologies and examine the software development life cycle;
  • create simple programs;
  • create programs using functions;
  • implement object-oriented programming techniques;
  • fix programming errors. examine the metadata of types by using reflection, create and use custom attributes, generate code at runtime, and manage assembly versions;
  • encrypt and decrypt data by using symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

Who is this course for?
This course is intended for students with no prior academic background in a field other than computer science or programming, who wish to embark on a course of study that will prepare them for employment as professional software developers. Students who interact on a business basis with software development professionals and need to improve communications through better understanding of the concepts and terminology used by professional programmers will also benefit equally.

Before attending this course students need to have skills covered in this course:
Edube Interactive :: C++ Essentials ‒ Part 1

The schedule for this course will be announced when the selection process is over.

Sava Nikolov

Sava Nikolov Chief Technology Officer

Sava Nikolov has an experience as a software engineer since 2000. He delivers certified and customized trainings for databases, software development, application security and software engineering, consult customers and coach teams and individuals.

Created and managed solutions for managing financial transactions, sport betting and games – all with extreme focus on security, quality and performance.

Over 15 years in delivering trainings, coaching and developing software teams.
  • Managed many, diverse and complex software projects:
  • end-to-end project and program management;
  • team management (including virtual & multinational teams);
  • implementation of change management initiatives;
  • Business Processes Management, Modeling and Optimization;
  • establishment and measurement of KPIs.

Coached and helped companies to establish engineering teams with effective processes. Evaluation and assessment of software quality and productivity. Conducted over 100 courses. Helped couple of startups, and established companies like Ag Capital, Alaric Securities, Abraxa, and many others. In „AG Capital“ – reshaped the entire IT structure, introduced the delivery process. In „Nexo“– helped the company to grow and establish processes. In „Credissimo“ – reshaped the process and the teams.

Certification Exam

Exam: CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer

C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA) is a professional certificate that measures your ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the basics of programming in the C++ language and the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming.

A test candidate should demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the following concepts:
  • the universal concepts of computer programming;
  • the syntax and semantics of the C++ language as well as basic data types offered by the language;
  • the principles of the object-oriented model and its implementation in the C++ language;
  • the means useful in resolving typical implementation problems with the help of standard C++ language libraries.

Certification Guide

What Our Students Say

„Mr. Sava is an amazing guy ! He made everything very easy to understand and made sure that everyone was following what he was saying . Overall being taught by him was very enjoyable experience!“
Nikoloz Latsabidze
„I am not from programming background as opposed to majority of people who have attended the course, nevertheless with a little more effort I hope I will be able to pass it. I have learned a lot of new things, and I want to thank you for providing such opportunity.“
Luka Tatarashvili
„Thank you very much for the training. Sava is a very good person and good trainer and my personal thanks to him.“
Davit Ghonghadze

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