Computer Aided Design and Engineering: CAE

Computer Aided Design and Engineering: CAE

Duration: 64 hours
Schedule: The schedule will be available after 10 December 2020.
The starting date will be not earlier than 11 January 2021.

The course is open to all Georgian students and individuals with mechanical, manufacturing engineering and industrial design education, who need to manage and use an advanced CAE solutions.


Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Industrial CAD Designers, who have knowledge in theoretical mechanic, material science and design.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) with Altair SimSolid

SimSolid is the new game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. It performing structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies faster and un-simplified. SimSolid supports all typical analysis of linear static, modal, thermal properties, along with more complex coupled, nonlinear, transient dynamic effects.

Module 1: The Introduction and basis of Simulations with SimSolid

Module 2: Advanced topics of Simulations with SimSolid

Ivaylo Marzev

Ivaylo Marzev

Ivaylo has more than 14 years of experience in delivering Computer Aided Design and Engineering trainings. In his professional career, he has managed various projects and programs – from pure core projects to high-end construction projects.

In terms of management experience, Ivaylo has a solid background in: end-to-end project and program management, team management (virtual & multinational teams), implementing change management initiatives, as well as integrating Modeling and Optimization teams.

Ivaylo is an expert trainer, consultant, and coach, who has delivered professional trainings for more than 500 professionals.

Exam: Solid Edge 2020 Associate I by Siemens Digital Industries Software

Additional information on the exam: Solid Edge 2020 – Associate 1 Certification Exam have three hours (180 minutes) to be completed. You must have downloaded the appropriate version of Solid Edge installed before starting.

The course is preparing students for Solid Edge Associate certificate by Siemens.

The exam is practical and students will have 3 hours to complete it.

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The trainings and the certification exams are completely free of charge for the participants.

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