Freelancing and Product Management

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Freelancing and Product Management

Duration: 9 hours
Schedule: The schedule will be available after 10 December 2020.
The starting date will be not earlier than 11 January 2021.

Freelancing is an essential step in an entrepreneur's journey and is associated with a number of challenges. As a result, a high percentage of start-ups fail in the first years of their inception. To succeed in the long run, you need a solid strategy for the future and expertise to effectively manage various aspects of the business. Once at some point your own efforts and time are insufficient for the business you have the opportunity to realize (i.e. the demand for your products or services has increased), systems and automations can be created to allow the work to be done without your direct participation.

Freelancers gain skills in finding clients, communicating, building partnerships, creating and developing products and services, building a way of thinking that allows you to start looking at your skills as a resource that the client would pay for. Product management knowledge is essential to achieve long term success and to build the basis to a self-sustaining business.

The product manager knowledge will help the freelances and entrepreneur you to determine successful strategies, to develop a product and a product line, to create forecasting financial results.

What you will learn in Freelancing?
  • Essential freelancing skills
  • Pricing services
  • Managing time
  • Why contracts are essential
  • Creating and sending an invoice
  • Marketing as a freelancer
  • Communicating with clients
  • Creating a proposal
  • Handling common issues
  • Registering in freelance portals and finding clients
  • Using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • Making freelancing a full-time job
What you will learn in Product Management?
  • What is a product manager?
  • Different types of product manager roles
  • Differences between product and project managers
  • The major phases of the product lifecycle
  • Lean, agile, scrum, and kanban
  • Finding and monitoring competitors
  • What is customer development?
  • Designing and running experiments
  • Wireframing
  • Working with engineers, designers, and executives

The training is suitable for people, interested in freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Attendance in one or more other trainings of this project


Sava Nikolov Chief Technology Officer

Sava Nikolov has an experience as a software engineer since 2000. He delivers certified and customized trainings for databases, software development, application security and software engineering, consult customers and coach teams and individuals.

Created and managed solutions for managing financial transactions, sport betting and games – all with extreme focus on security, quality and performance.

Over 15 years in delivering trainings, coaching and developing software teams.

Managed many, diverse and complex software projects:
  • end-to-end project and program management;
  • team management (including virtual & multinational teams);
  • implementation of change management initiatives;
  • Business Processes Management, Modeling and Optimization;
  • establishment and measurement of KPIs.

Coached and helped companies to establish engineering teams with effective processes. Evaluation and assessment of software quality and productivity. Conducted over 100 courses. Helped couple of startups, and established companies like Ag Capital, Alaric Securities, Abraxa, and many others. In „AG Capital“ – reshaped the entire IT structure, introduced the delivery process. In „Nexo“ – helped the company to grow and establish processes. In „Credissimo“ – reshaped the process and the teams.

This course will be provided for all participants in the project. There is no need to apply to it.

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