PHP Programming

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The applications submitted untill the deadline 30.11.2020 will be reviewed.
People, who have applied after the deadline will not be reviewed for the pilot phase of the project, but instead will be contacted, when second phase is open.

PHP Programming

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PHP Developer course aims to give participants a powerful open platform, for creating database-driven websites. This PHP training is recommended for professionals and students who wish to learn Web Development and existing developers who want to expand their skill-set. It lets professionals create dynamic web pages that readily interact with databases. This is a great benefit if you wish to build web-based software applications. You also will get additional course in databases.

Duration: 40 hours
Schedule: The schedule will be available after 10 December 2020.
The starting date will be not earlier than 11 January 2021.

After completing the course, you will know:


Svetlomir Miloslavov

Svetlomir Miloslavov

Svetlomir is a software developer with experience in the field since 2007 with broad interests in different areas of the Computer Science field including web and mobile development, database management, quality assurance, business analysis, and AI.

He has deep understanding of the context of a software project and especially experience in business analysis, project management and quality assurance. Svetlomir has been a software technology instructor since 2013.

He has experience in application programming, involving TCP/IP communications, access and processing of Microsoft SQL Server database information and Open SSL based cryptography (used languages: C and C++),developing and debugging JavaEE software web applications, maintenance for Oracle database servers, automated quality assurance testing, recommendations for future development strategies and business processes.

Since 2012 until now he is working on a website development and maintenance using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and WordPress, Software development of various tools using C#, Database engineering and maintenance – MySQL.

At his current job, he is responsible for the development of applications to fully automate departments in the company, starting from scratch. The process involves a lot of business analysis, automation and testing in order to integrate existing business functionalities into one software environment to serve the needs of the company.


Exam: PHP Certificate from

The PHP Certificate from documents your knowledge of PHP and MySQL. It is focused on open source bass and is vendor independent.

W3schols is an educational website for learning web technologies online and is established in 1998.

The trainings and the certification exams are completely free of charge for the participants.

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